Hindustan Textile Solution

We are Manufacturer Of Twisting Machine, Warping Machine Loom Machine Since 2023 In Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
The need of the textile industry of flexible plants in terms of quantity per lot, easy and economic color change, wide range of production in terms of counts, low energetic cost per kgs. of product, high automatization level reducing drastically the labour cost, compactness of the line reducing space are the main reasons for the success of this quite new technology.

Our company’s main products are FDY & POY machinery and other plastic-related machinery & equipment.

The one-stage process polypropylene fiber industry uses silk mainly for decoration, and the industry uses the textile domain. Because the polypropylene fiber proportion is low, the quality is light. the hiding capacity strong and the high resistance to wear the acid resistance, the anti-are destroyed by insects easily, to clean and so on merits, caused the polypropylene fiber industry silk in the rug backing cloth, the furniture cloth, a box package of canvas, the safety net belt, the industry suspender, to model arrange aspects and so on bag, thick rope, fishing equipment. Earth Gongbu applications to be extremely widespread.

About us - Semi Automatic Needle Loom Machine supplier
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